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I'm wondering how this is going to packaged if/when it comes out on wax. I loved the 808's deluxe packaging with the triple gatefold, CD in the center and poster too. Got it at a very reasonable price too.

However with this release, after seeing the packaging for the CD, I can only imagine how this one will be pieced together and shipped out. We are looking at a longer production (longer than 52 minutes) along with a deluxe packaging that may or may not include interchangeable cover art (slip in liner notes would take care of that), physical CD placement (could be placed in the center of a triple gate), and DVD of Runaway (again, could be centered in middle gate, would be a tight fit though) along with whatever other goodies that may or may not come along for it.

But you figure around $40 for the Deluxe CD release, we're probably looking +$60 on this, and perhaps limited release as well simply because of production costs to create a deluxe package.

Are you willing to pay around $70 for a "Limited Edition Double LP, CD, DVD, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy: Deluxe Version"?

You have to figure Kanye is going to want to make this release as indulgent as possible, with all of the bells and whistles. I am just praying that the powers that be are not wary of pressing this one out simply because of cost. We will have to wait and see...
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