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MBDTF should be called Kanye & Friends

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This album is so plagued with features.

I like almost every feature artist, but a great album should be handled by one artist with the help of few artists. I don't care how great the verses are. Kanye should be doing them.

This album has more verses from other artists than Kanye himself. This is pathetic.

I'm ok with features that sing chorus. Graduation had only 1 feature verse. Kanye handled that album by himself. That's what Jay, Nas, Eminem do. I really like Rick Ross albums, but he can't handle an album by himself. This is the difference between a great rapper and and a good one.

I'm disappointed. I know this album will be good, but the quantity of features and the lack of Kanye's verse will take away from this album.

Question: Is Rick Ross officialy confirmed for DIAND?

Question2: Is there any confirmation on the bonus tracks?

EDIT: For those who say that LR has as many features as MBDTF.

I'm not really counting the number of features. I'm counting how many songs Kanye handled by himself. If a song has 1 or 2 guest verses is the same for me.

Let's see how many songs Kanye handled all the verses on LR.

Heard 'Em Say
Gold Digger
Crack Music
Bring Me Down
Hey Mama

On MBDTF the confirmed songs that wont have rap features are:

Dark Fantasy
All of the Ligths
Hell of a Life
Lost in the World (so far the verse is ridiculous small)

I hope Gorgeous doesn't have Rae, Blame Game doesn't have Pusha and DIAND doesn't have Ross.
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Perry said:
Late Registration had 10 guest verses from different rappers,
MBDTF will have 12

Clearly not the end of the thread....lr had 21 tracks, mbdtf 13.....ratios my man ratios. People need to stop defending the features by comparing this album to lr
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Szohr said:
Have you heard Late Registration :oblivious:

It has 14 tracks - that's including My Way Home which was entirely rapped by Common lol
Nah i havent heard late registration...i just came on here joined up and commented because i have no idea about kanye or his music...smh dumbest question ever.... And actually including bonuses there are 17 songs then skits on lr so u are wrong. my point still stands mbdtf has 11 songs and still has way more features than lr did
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Kay-Z2000 said:
Guys chill.
More then half of the features are on AOTL.
if you count only rap features well, Swizz and Ross barely have parts at all, we've heard the majority of them already too.
What haven't we heard?
Pusha on BG, Ross on diand, cudi and banks on AOTL.
No lol
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Mike Deli said:
Look at late reg and college dropout  and shut up
whats ur point lol
Mike Deli said:
they have features. most rap albums have features.
okaaaay... good point...wtf does that add though, people are saying that the album has an unnecessary amount of features in relation to the amount of tracks on the album...ur comment was stupid
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