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dopeoranges said:
damn. this thread seriously made me realized how ungrateful Ye fans are. Problems after problems with shit.

-swizz is in appalled
- album cover sucks
- only 12 tracks
- Chain Heavy or Momma's Boyfriend are not on the album [to this day I still ask, WHEN THE FUCK DID YOU GUYS HEAR THE SONGS TO GET SO EMOTIONALLY HYPED UP!]
- GOOD Friday is really not on Friday

Damn, yall mothafuckas suck as fans

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Kay-Z2000 said:
I think my post will go down as my greatest ever lol
Shayjr said:
-Drunk and hot girls is the best kanye song of all time
-Graduation is the worst album ever!
-hate is the best beat of fucking hip hop history
-stronger wasnt kanye's greatest hit, his dick pic was.
-808s is the most gangsta thing kanye has ever done besides wearing the color pink.
-Kanye's 6th album s the worst album ever.
-I hope Kanye samples "Innocent by Taylor Swift" on Watch the Throne.
-Kanye and taylor should be a power couple.
-Kanye, Lil' B and Taylor should had a threesome, with Rick Ross watching in the corner.
-Power should be the standard length of all music videos for now on.
-LR is Kanye's worst album ever!
-Kanye should get an award for his acting in Runaway.
-Crack Music is the most poetic song ive heard
-808s is Kanyes worst album ever!
-Nicki should be naked in all the GOOD Friday covers and the font should be pink
-Swizz should start ghost producing every song for now on
-MBDTF is the worst Kanye album ever!
-50 cent should call Kanye on his next radio interview
-CD is Kanye's worst album ever!
1 - 9 of 145 Posts
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