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MBDTF Promotion - Good or Bad?

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What do you think of releasing too many songs too early?

Kanye himself released 6 songs from a 12-14 track album.
Personally, I really don't like cuz it spoils the listening experience. I won't have what I had when I listened to Graduation for the first time.
Thinking about sales, I think it will also be a negative factor.

What do you think of the single selection?

I think Power is a perfect first single, as Diamonds and CTMN were.
I really don't like Runaway (I like the song) as the second single. I don't know if we can consider Monster a single.
I really think AOTL should have been the second single. Power and Runaway are his worst charting singles before the album release date ever.
Thinking about sales, I think the singles will be a negative factor.

What do you think about not having a "typical" music video?
I love Power video, but Idk why it's so short.
I think the Runaway video is great for the promotion, but I think it was released too early. imo 2 weeks before the release date would have been better.
I know there is a Runaway music video (just the scene from the movie), but is it playing like other regular music videos in MTV, VH1...?
I still miss a "typical" music video.

The rest of the promotion, VMA, SNL, FB and Twitter are perfect.

What you think? I know the he has said that the songs will be different. But he talked about music embellishments. I don't expect new verses on LITW, DIAND, Dark Fantasy for example.

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The Runaway said:
I'm sorry but Power and Runaway are not his worst charting singles before release date.
Timesitheus said:
Amazing and Paranoid both did worse, and I am nearly positive many singles from CD and LR did as well.
I said before the album...Amazing and Paranoid were released after the album.
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The Runaway said:
I just posted the two songs that did worse before album and both are considered some of his best songs.
Ok. But what about Gold Digger, Stronger, Love Lockdown and Heartless? All top 3.

CTMN was #8 @ Rap songs. Power didn't crack the top 10 (which is astonishing to me)

And I'm not talking about the quality. I love Power and really like Runaway.
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devilmaycare said:
Kanye just hasn't had a massive hit since 'Stronger'. I don't think he really wants one.
I think Love Lockdown and Heartless were huge singles. Don't confuse club banger with a big single. They both made top 3 in the Hot 100. No other album had such big singles before the album.
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