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MBDTF Promotion - Good or Bad?

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What do you think of releasing too many songs too early?

Kanye himself released 6 songs from a 12-14 track album.
Personally, I really don't like cuz it spoils the listening experience. I won't have what I had when I listened to Graduation for the first time.
Thinking about sales, I think it will also be a negative factor.

What do you think of the single selection?

I think Power is a perfect first single, as Diamonds and CTMN were.
I really don't like Runaway (I like the song) as the second single. I don't know if we can consider Monster a single.
I really think AOTL should have been the second single. Power and Runaway are his worst charting singles before the album release date ever.
Thinking about sales, I think the singles will be a negative factor.

What do you think about not having a "typical" music video?
I love Power video, but Idk why it's so short.
I think the Runaway video is great for the promotion, but I think it was released too early. imo 2 weeks before the release date would have been better.
I know there is a Runaway music video (just the scene from the movie), but is it playing like other regular music videos in MTV, VH1...?
I still miss a "typical" music video.

The rest of the promotion, VMA, SNL, FB and Twitter are perfect.

What you think? I know the he has said that the songs will be different. But he talked about music embellishments. I don't expect new verses on LITW, DIAND, Dark Fantasy for example.

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promotion....but I wouldnt have put runaway as a second single.
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