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MBDTF Over-Mastered ???? Idunnowahthameans

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What do ya mean MBDTF was overmastered, lol I can't tell for shit, can someone not be a dick and tell me ?
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Spaceship. said:
You obviously haven't been here long enough to know why.
Thanks for lettin me know how long I have been here
Spaceship. said:
No problem.
Have fun in your OFFICAL WWE thread :smug:
Spaceship. said:
Okay, guy with weird username.
It's The-Dream from the listening room
C. Dante said:
Swiss cheese on so appalled
made me lol
DarkTwistedReality said:
When you listen to it on loud speakers it gets really distorted
i blasted it on my speakers first day, no problem.

Spaceship. said:
Nobody cares. :oblivious:
Me neither :slick:
Just be glad you can't hear the imperfections; ignorance truely is bliss in this case
i think the mix and mastering made it sound cool and vintage-like. on purpose too
81 - 88 of 88 Posts
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