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MBDTF no longer feels like the fourth entry in the "College Dropout" tetralogy.

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I just remembered back over the summer when we were still toying with the title of "Good Ass Job" (honestly, I am really glad that's not the title), a lot of people were saying that the 5th album would be the fourth album that completed the tetralogy that started with College Dropout. Originally he was going to release this back in 2008/2009, but we got 808s instead (which was wonderful). I just feel like based on what we know about this album, it is a far cry from the "College series". Maybe I'm wrong. But I think at this point I am comfortable with calling the first three albums the trilogy. He dropped out, registered late, and finally graduated. Perfect. But as far as Power and Runaway are concerned, they just seem like far cries from the theme of the original trilogy.

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it's either in Dark Fantasy or Gorgeous where he says something to the extent of "school's over, now this is real life."  I can't remember the specific line but it was something to that extent and really kept the continuity for me.  It's the same kanye, but life just got in the way.
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