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MBDTF Is the rebirth. Runaways phoenix.
It's not 808s. It isn't full of heartbreak and autotune. It's notgraduation. It's not a synth filled life is good fest. It's not late registration (tho it's more alike to this then others). It doesn't have strings killing every song.
And finally.
It isn't college dropout. Cmon. You'd like to admit it. You want the backpack wearing kanye, the innocent, humerous,COLLEGE kanye back. Same with me. You want the sane kanye back. You don't want an art obsessed, MJ idolizing, porn crazed kanye. I don't.
It's a new stage for ye. A growing up stage.

tbh when i read the title i thought you were comparing the kanye album to wayne's piece of shit rock album (an insult to rock
1 - 20 of 39 Posts