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I'm not talkin' about "AutoTune" and "Roland TR-808". kanYe used 'em to express himself.

I'm talkin' the HIStory behind 'em. What you lost and what life makes you lost... It was about Love.
Donda, his Mother...Life knock him down... She was gone...
Alexis, his girl, kanYe cheated on her... So he lost her.

This time, is about Music.
Michael Jackson... Somethin' is wrong. He's gone... Musically, Michael was his Father.
Taylor Swift incident... kanYe did it. And he lost everythin'... Tour with Lady Gaga, G.O.O.D. A** Jobs, Pastelle... Who will survive in America those days?

The Album title is about it: A beautiful fantasy... That's twisted dark.
The Album cover is about: kanYe is like a Monster because he is drunk, with a bottle like in the VMAs...

P.S.: Sorry for my English...
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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