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I cut the fat: 8 tracks

1. All Day Long
2.Do You Remember
3. Eternal
4. I got u (always and forever)
5. the big day (if possible without 2.15-2.38)
6. big fish
7. sun come down
8. town on the hill

On the track The Big Day, the part from 2.15-2.38 should be deleted

Idk if this is the final order, but for now its good

Also i dont know if big fish belongs on this, it fits the theme, but is sonically a bit off, the start is a bit weak too, but hook is dope, gucci delivered, so cant really delete it.

Now we have a somewhat good 8 track album, seems like Chance needs some guidance from Ye and Rick Rubin, besides the obvious help with the pen to write better

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All Day Long
I Got You
Get A Bag (with a completely different hook)
all those loosies he dropped last year

and it would be a 7/10 maybe 8/10

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I Might Need Security
Big Fish
Hot Shower
We Go High
Slide Around
Wala Cam

7 track album like Ye is the closest thing to listenable I could think of. Chance really is the worst rapper alive

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1. All Day Long
2. Do You Remember
3. Eternal
4. We Go High
5. I Got You
6. (Photo Op Skit)
7. Roo
8. The Big Day
9. Handsome
10. Big Fish
11. Ballin Flossin
12. (4 Quarters In The Black Skit)
13. 5 Year Plan
14. Slide Around
15. Get A Bag
16. Sun Come Down
17. Town On The Hill
18. Zanies & Fools

Cut out Hot Shower, Lets Go On The Run, Not Single Anymore, and the final with Cree Summers

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The problem with slide around is, Nicki Minaj is the best part of it, hook is also good, thats about it, but if i want to listen to Nicki, i just listen to her own music, which is better than slide around.

A lot of it is excuted very bad, for some songs i thought, i dont need chance for a song like that, there are similar songs that are much better, why should i waste time with this instead of listening to good music, Chance really ruins some of it, so i had to delete 14 tracks, 22 tracks and most of them are ass, but that 8 track album now looks sweet
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