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Huey Newton said:
Real talk, this is why I stopped fuckin wit madden since 06', the canimations are terrible and this game is far from sim. NO MATTER WHAT DIFFICULTY. Shit if anything all madden makes bums into superstars.

Cant wait till 2k makes a football game and ethers EA once more. They already killed nba elite, they should go after madden.
dawg thats the fucking problem and  why I hate EA. In 04 or 05, Inorder to make sure 2k can't compete against them,  EA made a deal with the NFL to make sure EA is the exclusive publisher of the NFL license, that way , they have essentially a monopoly over NFL football games and with no competition, they just release the same shit, afterall whose going to stop them?
41 - 60 of 67 Posts
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