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Luther [Season 5 Coming Soon to BBC One!!!]

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kind of geeked up for this. It stars Idris Elba from The Wire, and it comes on BBC America at 10 with repeats being aired throughout the week.
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Deechy Marko said:
Luther such a GOAT show

Luther and Alice better fucking happen this time :word:
Ruth Wilson on The Affair now as a lead so we'll see...hopefully she pops up on here though

edit...just realized her character is named Alison on the Affair and Alice on Luther lol
weezy2010 said:
only 2 parts?? :jordancry:
Hour and a half each
Oh laaawd!!! Trailer got me hyped !!!

:obamahhh: :obamahhh:

Luther smashin dude with that bin !  :denzel:

The WAIT IS OVER!  :banderas:
OMG. Fuckin in
401 - 420 of 488 Posts
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