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Luther [Season 5 Coming Soon to BBC One!!!]

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kind of geeked up for this. It stars Idris Elba from The Wire, and it comes on BBC America at 10 with repeats being aired throughout the week.
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This'll start as the shadow.line finishes right? Also it isbt the brits that male the great tv. More specifically the BBC.
He lands a lead role in a leading BBC drama. He isnt underated. Stringer :allears:
How hot is that kierston wearing. She has weird lips. Also amzing first ep. Prefer luther to shadow line tbh.
Amaaaaaaazing episode. Such a clever twist. Luther is arguable the best policemen since McNulty.
Bunk>freamon. Although i do love him.
Americans does it get aired at the same time as we get it here (UK)
Luther just punked frank!!! Epic episode.
Was that the best bit of tele of the last year?
That epicsode :smug: did not see that coming. Series justs gets better and better!
What!!!!!! That was the last in the series?!? Still what a way to bow out. However can they really come up with stories that strong again. That last episode had luther taking on 3 opponents! Epictitude.
1 - 13 of 488 Posts
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