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Lupe's Ultimate Goal

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A friend of mine was describing his experience at a Lupe concert, saying 'The music was good, the performance was amazing, but everyone was getting sick of his preaching and teaching bullshit'.

At first I was a little upset at this, but then I realized some people just like their music to be music, and there is nothing wrong with that.

Then I began to think. Lupe is doing all this, but is he really doing anything? Sure many of his most loyal followers have become more enlightened, which is nothing to scoff it. But in the big picture, not much has changed. I think I realized why.  There is no ultimate goal here. People like King and Malcolm X had the final goal of equal rights, so called 'hippies' had goals of peace and love, etc. etc.

Lupe has also of course made progress in helping different relief efforts and charitable programs. But I am talking about his view on society. His insistence that something about the way we live and how our country works is fundamentally wrong. I agree. But what will make it fundamentally right?

There is no goal here. There is more criticism of the present than there are solutions offered, and for that reason, I don't believe Lupe, or anyone else out there right now, will make substantial progress in the near future. Which is a shame.
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Lupe shouldn't be preaching at concerts. =/ I'd imagine that sucks the fun out of it.
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