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Lupe "Lasers is bananas", and says he didn't sign the 360 deal

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Lupe Fiasco has had a busy few weeks. From publicly disagreeing with his Atlantic Records home, organizing Fiasco Friday (which would bring the MC's qualms to the label's doorstep on October 15), and then reconciling with Atlantic late last week, it's been a whirlwind.

Over the weekend, the Chicago MC spoke for the first time to MTV News about the release of Lasers and the resolution he and Atlantic reached.

"We just came to a reconciliation, saw both sides of the argument of what was going down, found a midway point that we can all agree on, and we're rolling," Fiasco said. "March 8: Lasers. Single drops in a couple weeks. It is what it is."

According to Fiasco, the rift between him and his label began when executives called Lasers "wack," and then . Under this new contract, Atlantic would receive "25 percent of any ancillary properties that you do that come from your music," Fiasco explained. But, the MC wasn't interested.

"I'm not a 360 artist, and I'll never be a 360 artist," he declared over the weekend. "And you should never be a 360 artist. If that's something that you need, then your situation is different. I'm not the type of artist that needs a 360 deal, but it's probably some newer artists that need that kind of motivation or extra support to enhance their operations in the future. I don't necessarily need that. If it comes along in the future, who knows? But, right now, I don't need it. Thank you, but no thank you."

As for what Lasers will sound like, Fiasco's decided silence is the best weapon - almost.

"I'm keeping my mouth shut, to be honest, on the album," he said. "The album is bananas. But mum's the word, because I don't want to spoil it. ... Over the next couple months, as more stuff comes out ... I'll be a little bit more comfortable to talk."

And we've only got two more weeks to wait.

"I'll talk about the next single on October 26, when it comes out," Fiasco promised with a smile.
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Doom said:
Why does every website interview and blog think Lupe organized Fiasco Friday?

Shit's gettin annoying tbh.
tahts what im saying
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I love how Lupe himself still said it's bananas. I was afraid he had to do some shit to the album
Bust_Bar_FNF said:
this is crazy, the single is gonna be so nasty!
jakalhide said:
COME AT ME BRO!!  on topic : ahhhhh suspense dammit
lmao WTF
Nah I'm not expecting raw lyricsm, I'm expecting that for TGARA though
for this album
i want dope beats, a great message, and for it to help Lupe become popular
Skip said:
Where are the mods? Shit aint even funny
lol skip catching feelings
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wiz0_0 said:
This has been the best week for Lupe and his fans EVER
thats what im (CT) saying
Kale07 said:
Why does he think ct's avy is "gay"?
"he"...i have a name...its CT
CT said:
So why do you have a gay avatar, CT?
"what more can i say, IM CT"..........................thats why :problem?:
Coldplay Expert said:
CT, Dickhead... I know how to figure out which one of you is real...  You know how you's supposed to be The One, "CT"?  Don't answer, 'cause I won't know which one of you is CT, but I'd be happy to administer the firing squad test to both of you. That way, whoever comes out unscathed, is the real CT.


Thought for food.  ;)
i think its obvious im not CT lmao
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jakalhide said:
you are such a fail troll man
or ammm iii  :ninja:
CT said:
The other guy? Did he just talk about me and call me "the other guy" ?
I'm so appallled.
makes sense.....considering ur the other guy
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