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Lupe is back in the lab

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RichAzure said:
Funny story about his name and how he almost changed it haha...
Elaborate :work:
RichAzure said:
You know his name is Wasalu right? So, he heard the name Lupe and liked it. (Little did he know that Lupe is a hispanic female name, especially him growing up around Latin Kings). So with this spanish theme, he wants to be known as Lupe the Terrible. you know like, Cyhi Da Prince, somethin along those lines. So he calls himself Lupe Fiasco (Fiasco being bad;terrible;etc). But With the spanish language, when you put something like that it means. blank IS blank. More or less, his name means Lupe IS Terrible, he almost changed it when he realized it, but he didn't lol.
Glad he didn't change it. Most unique name in hip hop
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RichAzure said:
Kale07 said:
I meant to say it in the most non sarcastic way possible I swear lol
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nain33 said:
besides Lil Wayne of course :problem?:
Hachi said:
You guys didn't know this? ^

Yall need ta step yo fan game up :work:
I knew the story I just didn't know he wanted to change his name  :stronger:
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I bet you guys didn't know Lupe's favorite color is turquoise    >_>

1 - 10 of 97 Posts
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