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Lupe at Princeton giving a speech today

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PrincetonHHAL [email protected] "I thought it was futile to bury the history [of the N word]"
14 minutes ago

PrincetonHHAL "the record company doesn't really care what I say....the record label doesn't really care what anybody says"
9 minutes ago

PrincetonHHAL "people want to be gratified with nonsense... artists go into the studio with you on their minds... you made Soulja boy Rich..."
8minutes ago

PrincetonHHAL CRS may or may not happen. Lupe is concerned with the vapid materialism surrounding the recordings by the group, while he hoped for more
3minutes ago

PrincetonHHAL @LupeFiasco "I don't make any money off of my albums."
2 minutes ago

PrincetonHHAL "Now we're in this digital age, it releases responsibility for you to pay somebody"
1 minute ago

PrincetonHHAL "There's still time and effort being put into making the music no matter how digital and analog it is"
1 minute ago


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Lupe taking shots at folks :banjo:
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