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KGB 2010 - The Brainstormers

Praverb's group. This wasn't requested but I felt like making it.

H.A.M. - Kanye West and Jay-Z

Not much to say about this. I was trying to find a dope picture of an opera house to fuck around with but couldn't find one I liked so this is the idea I went with instead.

Completely Unsolicited Two Door Cinema Cover

I did a cover for D-Genius's "Too Young" (below) with Two Door Cinema on it. I liked his/her/their name so I made a simple little cover!

Beautiful Goodbye

Another Cover for Danny Winter... I absolutely love Scarlett Johansson. I really like this cover a lot, once more, the picture didn't come in that color at all but I tried to desaturate it a little to get more of the "goodbye" feeling.

It's Alright

This is one of my favorite colors. The picture actually took more editing than it looks, if I remember correctly. I just think it's aesthetically pleasing and the text is perfect.

Too Young - Child Soldier

For D-Genius's "Too Young." Probably one of my favorite covers I've made, along with "I'm Beamin'" and "It's Alright" and "Beautiful Goodbye"

Angels - MJ

Kanye's post which is quoted here has always been super inspiring to me. It got me thinking the other day about misunderstood geniuses in the context of Angels and how Kanye has been talking about being Michael Jackson's successor. After a bit of searching, these two images just fit together perfectly size wise and dynamics wise... I love it.

Beaming in Space

I originally created the spaceship and basic font concept for All of the Lights... It didn't really fit so when someone asked me for an I'm Beaming Remix Cover... I just changed the text. I really like how it turned out.


This is one of my favorite covers. It's simple and the colors are perfect. I literally just added the text to this picture... I'm lazy sometimes with covers but I enjoy the simple things.
1 - 20 of 91 Posts
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