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Lucid Dreams

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Have you ever had one?

One time I realized I was dreaming and I was like "Oh shit I'm dreaming" so I did a backflip and landed it.. (I can't do a backflip IRL) I was about to do other stuff, but I woke up..  >_>
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Kay-Z2000 said:
u have them too?
:h5: everybodys like that's so sick that u have them and I'm like they creepy asfuck
i've had them too, but less amazing. i remember i woke up once, and in my dream i kept hearing a ringing sound. i woke up, around 30 seconds later my phone started ringing, and i checked the call log and that was the only call i had, it wasn't as if someone was trying to call me while i was asleep.

Donnie Darko said:
I do this all the time, sometimes I dont even wake up and still know that I'm dreaming which allows me to change things.

One time I realized I was dreaming and had enough of that dream so I opened my eyes and woke up, was the weirdest thing ever lol, felt really strange because I myself put an end to my dream abruptly.

Sometimes I do wake up and then when I close my eyes I can go back to that dream and finish it and again change things if I want to.
i can end my dreams too, if i realise that i'm in a dream, i never really stay dreaming, i normally wake up. i was have a really bad dream once and i kept thinking WAKE UP WAKE UP and wham, i was up. :dno:
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