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Lucid Dreams

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Have you ever had one?

One time I realized I was dreaming and I was like "Oh shit I'm dreaming" so I did a backflip and landed it.. (I can't do a backflip IRL) I was about to do other stuff, but I woke up..  >_>
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don't know about future dream unless you mean deja vu. if that IS what you mean then yeah i have them more often than i have normal dreams tbh.

i've been wanting to try lucid dreaming for the past couple of months but i haven't had much luck. there was only one time where as i was falling asleep i saw the stuff around me fading to black. was pretty freaky but my phone rang and snapped me out of it. every since then i haven't had anything like a lucid dream but i've tried.

any tips on how to trigger a lucid dream? :dno:
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