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Lucid Dreams

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Have you ever had one?

One time I realized I was dreaming and I was like "Oh shit I'm dreaming" so I did a backflip and landed it.. (I can't do a backflip IRL) I was about to do other stuff, but I woke up..  >_>
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On some Déjà vu level? I wish, but it's never happened..
Kay-Z2000 said:
it's a dream that u dream and it happens later in your life. It's happened twice to me

This is how I pictured this..

"Oh shit look at this blazer.. Dammit got my shoelace stuck in this escalator. I swear If I see an Asi.... :wom: SHIT JUST GOT REAL.."
Kay-Z2000 said:
Haha thefirst dream was that I bought some superfly blazer at jcpenney and got my shoelace stuck in the escalator and some random ass  asian dude came over. That happened.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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