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Lucid Dreams

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Have you ever had one?

One time I realized I was dreaming and I was like "Oh shit I'm dreaming" so I did a backflip and landed it.. (I can't do a backflip IRL) I was about to do other stuff, but I woke up..  >_>
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Lol, i've had multiple ones. I hate ones where u really believe it's true
Anybody ever have a future dream?
it's a dream that u dream and it happens later in your life. It's happened twice to me
kKneesBeeZz said:
whats that?
Haha thefirst dream was that I bought some superfly blazer at jcpenney and got my shoelace stuck in the escalator and some random ass  asian dude came over. That happened.
And i'm fighting to remember the 2nd one
lmfao pretty much
RelaxRelapse said:

This is how I pictured this..

"Oh shit look at this blazer.. Dammit got my shoelace stuck in this escalator. I swear If I see an Asi.... :wom: SHIT JUST GOT REAL.."
lol future dreams are wack though
Msouten said:
Ive had a lucid dream a few times. I wish i could have them more they are fun lol
u have them too?
:h5: everybodys like that's so sick that u have them and I'm like they creepy asfuck
Adam_Corwin said:
Future dreams suck, all of mine are like bad omens, :/
nahh, u don't know it's a future dream until it's happened to u
Adam_Corwin said:
They make u paranoid about what happened in that dream too! lmao. it sucks!
damn. My uncle had recurring nightmares before 9/11
Wake Up Mr. West said:
i once had a dream that there was going to be a war starting a week before 9/11
OGCF said:
don't know about future dream unless you mean deja vu. if that IS what you mean then yeah i have them more often than i have normal dreams tbh.

i've been wanting to try lucid dreaming for the past couple of months but i haven't had much luck. there was only one time where as i was falling asleep i saw the stuff around me fading to black. was pretty freaky but my phone rang and snapped me out of it. every since then i haven't had anything like a lucid dream but i've tried.

any tips on how to trigger a lucid dream? :dno:
once I had a dream where I was in my house and I went to the bathroom and I stared down the staircase and their was a guy with an machine gun
mids89ohio said:
yea  i know what you mean and i usually have a dream where im on top of a truck goin at a high rate of speed and its goin strait and i see were gonna  hit something so im always prepared to hit  the ground and when im about to hit i realize im dreamin and it doesnt hurt or anything and then when i stand up im usually somewhere odd with a random batch of people i havent seen in years and everythings all fucked up
Can you have sex in lucid dreams?
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