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I think kanye shines the hardest in songs like

Murder to Excellence
Crack Music
Jesus Walks
New Slaves

the more conscious ye touching on real issues and shit

I do love TLOP but i was expecting that side of Kanye

do you think he still has that side of him ??

serious thread

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Man shut the fuck up we've waited 2.5 years for this and have had the worst droughts and gotten our hopes up countless times and have heard half of the fucking album and no one thought real friends and NMPILA were album material but what do you know they're on there and it's 10 fucking songs and I have 4 of them on my phone already it's seriously frustrating af fuck this shit Ye really hates us dude cares about fashion more it's over I'm fucking done this shit better be life changing and each song better be 10 mins long or I will kill myself on twitch for the ktt fam I swear to god the Kardashian curse is real at least yeezus is fire but what the fuck is this I'm done fam fuck this
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