Kanye to The banner

"living So Italian"

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Will it ever come out?
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I assume it will, at some point.

We ended up with Mama's BF. I assume we'll get Living so Italian somehow
Yes, I know we got a fake beat.
But we got it none the less.
Gil721 said:
>implying we got the real Mama's BF.

That one that came out was a fake.
Eezy said:
The beat was fake...

I hope they put it in his 6th lp or something
Naw, the guy got awhole of the vocal track.
Gil721 said:
dude no we didn't you cant consider that anything. all the sound clips were from the live performance that kanye did in house of blues.

kanyes also a producer yo. his songs embody his hard work in both of those aspects.
I know, ugh.
grizzly said:
We never got the real Mama's Boyfriend though
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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