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(hosted by Ashton FM aka Your Friend Vaughn)

This is my radio show! It broadcasts LIVE over CoogRadio.com in the UC Underground at University of Houston. My show is named after the software Dropbox, which I have used to share music with friends, which is the basis of my show...SHARING GOOD MUSIC.

I usually plays electronic, hip-hop, and rock music but will occasionally stray from this. I sometimes end the show with a original poem written by myself right before the last track.


Like my fan page (http://www.facebook.com/vaughnthedj) to get the playlists of each show!

STREAM: www.coogradio.com/live


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Ashton FM said:
It's coming on in 3 minutes (9pm central time)


You gotta play one of those Prince Al beats, you know, put that smooth jazz on. Ya know, for the ladies. :datass:

I listened to a couple of your broadcasts before like when you first started, didn't know you still did it though
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