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listening to the album so far it really matches the title

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album of the year

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oops never mind your right
i dont see whats so great about the title track, Dark Fantasy. Hell Of a Life is better
power is in Runaway i think
Jesse said:
see me now, power, so appalled & gorgeous arent in the movie
pretty sure it is cause i heard he performs it for her in a extended version when he first takes her home
AyeAre said:
power is in Runaway i think
Can somebody please pm the album? :)
lol jk

Distant Relatives
whatafact said:
album of the year
Duble H Wonder said:

the itunes one is just the movie songs
Yeah it's mentioned in the preview
"Apparently this way of life includes extended living room performances of "Power" and spontaneous outbreaks of "Runaway" during dinner."
AyeAre said:
power is in Runaway i think
CHEEZY said:
so the movie is gonna have 12 songs?
cant fit in 35 min fam. esp if runaway is 8 minutes
Nine songs in Runaway:
1. Dark Fantasy
3. Power
4. All of the Lights
5. Monster (feat. Jay-Z, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj, & Bon Iver)
6. So Appalled (feat. Pusha T, Cyhi the Prynce, RZA, & Pusha T)
7. Devil in a New Dress
8. Runaway (feat. Pusha T)
9. Hell of a Life / 10. Blame Game (feat. Pusha T & John Legend)
11. Lost in the World

If it is ten, 90 % will be on the album and 10 %(So Appaled) will not.
21 - 31 of 31 Posts
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