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Release date: December 9th

October 18th, 2013: Mel Smith tweets about Carter V

February 4th, 2014: Birdman's Son Says Lil Wayne Will Not Retire After Carter V, Calls The Album "Unbelievable"

February 10th, 2014: Drake tweets "Tha Carter V" (confirmed feature?)

February 11th, 2014: Mannie Fresh rumored to be handling the production of Carter V

At the very least, rumors - courtesy of Gotty - that Mannie Fresh is handling the production should inspire some excitement. Better that than pretty much anybody else, if you're missing that old Cash Money Records sound.

February 14th, 2014: Wayne very close to be dropping Tha Carter V, plans to release it like Beyonce released her last album

Read below an interview with Mel Smith discussing Lil Wayne's upcoming Tha Carter V album.

On Oct. 18 of last year, Cash Money Records Vice President of Promotion Mel Smith sent a ripple of mystery through the rap world with a back loaded tweet that didn't even need 140 characters: "Happy Friday!! New YMCMB music coming soon!! Carter 5."

Now nearly four months later, and following a similar "Carter 5" tweet from Young Money artist Drake, there's no more need for speculation. The highly anticipated fifth installment to Lil Wayne's "Tha Carter" album series is coming soon.

"We're very close to dropping the album," Smith told the Griffin. "It's going to be a huge surprise to everyone, it's an incredible album … I can't release the date because he wants to surprise people, he wants his true fan base to get excited but he's worked extremely hard on it and you won't be disappointed."

The album will be Lil' Wayne's first "Tha Carter" installment since 2011's "Tha Carter IV," which sold 964,000 copies in its first week. His last album, "I Am Not A Human Being II," sold just 217,000 copies in its opening week last March.

While Smith was careful as to not spoil the direction of "Tha Carter V," he mentioned that it was more in line with its four predecessors as opposed to the "IANAHB" series.

"He's one of the artists like Prince who just continues to record," he said. "He does it for the love of the art, for the record, he continues to work hard to top himself, like when he does the 'I Am Not A Human Being' records that he's, which are a little more rock and roll tangent, a little more pop tangent while "Tha Carter V" is a little more Lil Wayne getting it to you straight from New Orleans."

Smith had no idea as to whether or not the album might serve as Wayne's retirement record, which has been speculated for some time, but he does find it hard to see the rapper he kindly refers to as a "studio rat" leaving the booth despite all the talk.

"That's the thing about Wayne, when we put out the last "Carter," we put it out and sold almost 1,000,000 records in one week. The day we put it out, he was still in the studio recording," he said.

Regardless of whether or not it proves to be his last album, it won't be the last you hear from the MC - Smith says Wayne will "absolutely" be going on tour, and to expect the artist to be on the road for the summer or fall.

Until then, fans can wait for the surprise release of what the Cash Money executive calls an "epic" album.

"Everybody who's heard it feels the same way, the general excitement of something big coming," he said. "You're just generally excited for when the world hears it."
All credits to LWHQ

Actual source: http://canisiusgriffin.com/lifestyle/tha-carter-v-almost-finished-surprise-drop-coming-soon

February 16th, 2014: Big Sean may be featured on Carter V

February 17th, 2014: First C5 single coming soon?

March 14th, 2014: Wayne confirms new single dropping this week

April 30th. 2014: Floyd Mayweather confirms "Tha Carter V" season has begun and shows Lil Wayne and Drake in the studio working on whats supposed to be C5 first single, "Believe Me"

May 3rd, 2014: First single, Believe Me, is out


May 3rd, 2014: Lil Wayne Hits The Studio With Jeremih To Work On C5

May 6th, 2014: Soulja Boy Talks Working On C5 With Lil Wayne & Justin Bieber

During a recent interview with The FADER, Soulja Boy confirms that he is currently working on Lil Wayne's upcoming Tha Carter V album and says he has already done two beats for the project.
Soulja mentions that when he was down in Miami last month he hit up the studio with Tune and Justin Bieber to work on C5, as well explains what the vibe was like as they were all trying to come up with the best sound for the summer.
May 15th, 2014: Christina Milian Talks Working On "Tha Carter V" With Mannie Fresh.

During the interview, Milian confirmed that she has recorded on two songs for Tunechi's upcoming Tha Carter V album; one of which was with Mannie Fresh. She also mentioned that she is excited for the world to hear C5 and that it is going to be a "killer album".

May 16th, 2014: D'usse is out, song was recorded for Tha Carter V, but theres no confirmation its going to be on the album

May 19th, 2014: Nicki Minaj Speaks On If She Will Be Featured On Lil Wayne's Tha Carter V Album

The Young Money Barbie also mentioned that Lil Wayne had sent her something for Tha Carter V, but she does not know if it will make the album just yet.

May 29th, 2014: In this week's "Weezy Wednesday's" episode, we can see Lil Wayne previewing a brand new song called "Side Bitch", which could appear on his Tha Carter V album.

May 29th, 2014: Lil Wayne's "Believe Me" Single Featuring Drake Now On iTunes

June 2nd, 2014: Lil Wayne's "Tha Carter V" Is Now Dropping After Nicki Minaj's "The Pink Print" & Will Have A Release Date

Mack Maine revealed to XXL yesterday that Nicki's album will now be dropping before C5. The Young Money President also confirmed that both projects will have a release date and not drop out of the blue like how Beyonce's latest album did.
June 10th, 2014: Lil Wayne "Tha Carter V" Billboards Spotted In New Orleans & Atlanta

June 17th, 2014: Mike WiLL Made It Confirms He Has 3 Beats On Lil Wayne's Upcoming "Tha Carter V" Album

Mike WiLL Made It recently stopped by Power 105.1′s The Breakfast Club radio show to chop it up with Charlamagne Tha God, Angela Yee, and DJ Envy.
During their conversation, Mike Will discussed his new single "Buy The World" featuring Lil Wayne, Future and Kendrick Lamar, and confirmed that he has three beats on Wayne's upcoming Tha Carter V album.
The producer also mentioned that Weezy F Baby is "sounding crazy", "on one right now", and "ripping everything" after he gets asked how Weezy is sounding on C5!

June 25th, 2014: In this week's "Weezy Wednesday's" episode, we can hear a very short preview of an upcoming Lil Wayne song called "Krazy", which was produced by Infamous and will appear on the upcoming Tha Carter V album.

June 27th, 2014: Another song that nobody knows if its a single neither if it will appears on C5, Krazy, is out

July 1st, 2014: Lil Wayne Teases "Tha Carter V" Release Date, Says "Da Other Album" Will Drop 2 Months After


Tha Carter V release date:
"I'm so not good with that. I think it drops either in September and then we have… ah I can't tell you the sneak thing. Anyway, yeah, I think it drops in September or August."
If Tha Carter V will drop before the "Drake vs. Lil Wayne" tour:
"It might drop before then, in July. Or August 25 or something like that? I'm finished, I'm done"
Da Other Album release date:
"If Tha Carter was to drop in August, DOA would be October."
July 2nd, 2014: Lil Wayne's "Krazy" Single Now On iTunes

July 8th, 2014: Wayne Confirms Nicki & Drake Will Both Appear On "Tha Carter V"


In related news, Weezy F Baby confirmed to MTV that both Nicki and Drizzy Drake will appear on his upcoming Tha Carter V album, because they "would not be albums without them.
July 14th, 2014: Lil Wayne & Drake's "Believe Me" Single Is Now #1 On Billboard's Mainstream R&B/Hip-Hop Chart

According to Billboard, Lil Wayne's "Believe Me" single featuring Drake has gone from #4 to #1 on the Mainstream R&B/Hip-Hop chart. Nielsen Broadcast Data Systems, which tracks radio and Internet airplay of songs, says "Believe Me" saw a 6% rise in broadcasting time all the way up to 3,296 spins.
This now means that Weezy F Baby is in second place for the most No. 1s on the Mainstream R&B/Hip-Hop chart, with his Young Money artist Drizzy in first place who has a total of 18 No. 1 records. Congratulations to them both!
July 19th, 2014: Theotis Beasley Confirms Lil Wayne Is Still Working On His "Tha Carter V" Album

"Late night missions in the studio while my family finishing up his album. Shit finna get nutz. #YMCMB over errrrthanggg #CarterV"

July 22nd, 2014: Lil Wayne Plays Lil Twist A New Song Out Of His Maybach Possibly Off "Tha Carter V"

August 8th, 2014: Tha Carter V new single, Grindin, is out.

August 11th, 2014: Music Video for the Carter V single, Krazy, is out.

August 14th, 2014: Official Artwork & Release Date For Lil Wayne's "Tha Carter V" Album

As promised, Lil Wayne has revealed the official artwork for his forthcoming album, Tha Carter V, on ESPN's "First Take" sport show.
Weezy F Baby didn't just show off the cover for his album, he also announced that it would be released on October 28th.

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we in this bitch

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we gon look back at this a year later and see who were the real ****** that stuck with Wayne on first 5 pages

lets do this fam :cryfam:
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