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Lil Wayne Should Remix "Call Me Maybe"

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Or shoulda been a feature on the og. This song just screams Wayne feauture
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Diddy said:
maybe in 09
yup I could picture him flowing over this in 08 09
Diddy said:
with autotune and shit
but today nah
talking about eatin pussy on a teenager song ?
Diddy u keep it truu
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DwayneCarterJr. said:
yu ****** r trollin' rite?
no :sarc2:
DwayneCarterJr. said:
gh0stgoon why yu kno cum bak 0n lwhq?
da site is boring 2bh i stopped going on it back in December
DwayneCarterJr. said:
i noticed boo.
1 - 6 of 13 Posts
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