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Lil Wayne & Post Malone just instantly became bffls

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Saint Ignance said:
and the bait has been set

im out
the fuck are you talking about

screechy voice yellow dread wayne has been here since at least 13-14
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Saint Ignance said:
of course he has

go spread ur cancerous opinions somewhere else *****, in all seriousness, i bet you didn't even listen to anything past C4 and ur running ur mouth like this

sick of you ****** lowkey
ive listened to everything wayne since he came home except fwa bc i dont have tidal and streaming mase me too lazy to pirate

on top of him being one of my favorite artists ever if we only consider his best work

****** disagree with your opinions and just start telling u about your own life lol
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Saint Ignance said:
because all u "i like old wayne" ****** is peak autism

y'all expect him to drop C3 level projects each time and it's annoying as fuck, he's out of his prime :what: what is he supposed to do at this point?

how would he reinvent himself? he's done everything these new ****** are doing, there's literally no more routes he can take up
kanye does it every time he releases

me being some broke ***** on the internet i have hella directions he could go especially since all his eras have literally birthed careers of some of the biggest artists today

he just has never had any real subject matter he just was great at rapping and ran out of shit to say when he came home

he could simply make an introspective album that actually has topics and bam theres one direction you could go right there

especially with the topic of birdman and his relationship
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Saint Ignance said:
FWA was an introspective album, and if you think during Wayne's 20+ career, that he has no songs with no subject matter, you're fucking stupid. :kanyeshrug:
well i guess that settles it
Saint Ignance said:
that you obviously haven't heard much of Wayne's discog? Because Wayne has plenty of personal songs.

Get outta here man :camby:
like what lol

his shit always revolves around pussy money weed and please dont post one off songs like georgia bush or the song he made with robin thicke about the floods

i want to see a complete departure from “i get pussy money weed” and really examine the mind of the michael jackson of rap

you asked how could wayne reinvent himself and i gave u an answer and you so firmly implanted on the dick of a ***** who doesnt know your bloodline exists that you just dont like that aside from a few songs here and there he be rapping about silly shit just in a great way
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Bombokla said:
Tie my hands
Georgia bush
OG La La La
Pray to the lord
How to love
Miss my dawgs
Something you forgot

There are few
these are great some classics on here but this is all from prime era wayne.

he literally aint made nothing like these in a decade plus. how to love sucks and even that is approaxhing ten years
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Saint Ignance said:
ok first of all let's look at the fucking mental retardation that you're displaying here by saying im "implanted on his dick and he doesn't know i exist" this statement can apply to literally almost anyone else that enjoys music or some form of entertainment, so i don't understand what the point was in bringing that up, as if you were hammering a point home doing that, cut the bullshit out and get to the point

you want wayne to depart from the "pussy money weed" shit when he has songs like:

Me and My Drank
I Feel Like Dying
Cry Out
Nightmares of the Bottom
Leather So Soft
Pussy Money Weed
I Know The Future
With You
How To Love
How To Hate
Get Over
I Miss My Dawgs
Hustler Muzik
God Bless Amerika
I Feel Good
London Roads
Heart Racin' On
You Song
Pray To The Lord

and probably several other songs i can't think of rn, in his catalog, im sorry that wayne isn't the pseudo-deep conscious rappity rap SNAPPITY snap rapper that you want him to be, and i literally just told you that FWA was his "introspective" album and you didn't even bother attempting to search for it as if it isn't simple to fucking find or i could hand you a ZIP

continue to stay delusional and shit though :khaled2:
meh all of these either from when i was in middle school trying to get bikini pictures on myspace or they basic level template type “conscious” songs

i wanna hear that ***** rap about being molested and how it turned bg and him into heroin addicts. but maybe im fucked in the head and should be happy with ***** dropping an american flag in a music video
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YM Salute said:
You realize he spits what's on his mind and moment he's in

He's stated before if he's a featured artist too he stays on topic or strays off depending on what the original artist says

He still a GOAT
which was great for up until this point as evidenced by how everyone looks at him as the legend he is if not the best of the 2000’s

but now its a decade after the fact and rapping for the sake of rapping doesnt impress us anymore and he’s too old to try and do what the young ****** do better than them so why not reinvent yourself and actually try to do some mental introspection and not be such a freestyle esque rapper
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YM Salute said:
***** You upset at the flag Shit? :dead:
i aint upset lmao im just saying that shit dont really impress me i wanna see wayne really analyze his own life
YM Salute said:
yellow dread was late 2016ish

Screech been on and off for you to say he consistently been doing it for 5 yrs is outlandish

And even then that started with Take Kare with Thug track

There's plenty tracks of him with regular voice and even the deep raspy voice
i honestly consider the start of that alien voice shit to be 6 foot 7 foot if it wasnt fucked up during the recording process of rebirth

his best voice was 06-07 and 08 it was tolerable and new becayse of the autotune

carter 4 was cool but u could tell he wasnt the same

and once he came out with ianahb 2 and tried to do that good kush and alcohol shit i knew he was turning into a different type of artist
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Task Force Sector 6 said:
only BG was a heroin addict, Turk was the only other one who fucked with it

that was cus BGs homie died and they snorted a bag of dope in his honor at his funeral cus he was a user and he got addicted
i consider codeine to be heroin
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what a fucking stupid way to get hooked on heroin
Task Force Sector 6 said:
pretty sure Wayne started sippin codeine only like 2002, when he was 19, not sure tho

maybe only when he moved to Miami 2004
i was just listening to lights out or somethinf pre carter maybe pre 500 degreez and i vividly remember him saying “ purple stuff, my cup” or somehint like that

either way my overall point was that i wanna see him address what makes him an addict deep down
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Task Force Sector 6 said:
well he has no Monster era Future song thats for sure, he is/was too concerned with rap being a sport rather than an art, where the better technical skill such as the most witty punchlines made you automatically better than the next rapper, very 2000s mindset

honestly its just cus hes hung up on thinking punchlines, non-sequiters and one liners make him the best
this sums up what i was tryna say @ignance

maybe no substance was wrong way to say it
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