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Saint Ignance said:
ok first of all let's look at the fucking mental retardation that you're displaying here by saying im "implanted on his dick and he doesn't know i exist" this statement can apply to literally almost anyone else that enjoys music or some form of entertainment, so i don't understand what the point was in bringing that up, as if you were hammering a point home doing that, cut the bullshit out and get to the point

you want wayne to depart from the "pussy money weed" shit when he has songs like:

Me and My Drank
I Feel Like Dying
Cry Out
Nightmares of the Bottom
Leather So Soft
Pussy Money Weed
I Know The Future
With You
How To Love
How To Hate
Get Over
I Miss My Dawgs
Hustler Muzik
God Bless Amerika
I Feel Good
London Roads
Heart Racin' On
You Song
Pray To The Lord

and probably several other songs i can't think of rn, in his catalog, im sorry that wayne isn't the pseudo-deep conscious rappity rap SNAPPITY snap rapper that you want him to be, and i literally just told you that FWA was his "introspective" album and you didn't even bother attempting to search for it as if it isn't simple to fucking find or i could hand you a ZIP

continue to stay delusional and shit though :khaled2:
Breh dont let them get to you

You look like an oversensitive stan here
1 - 5 of 145 Posts
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