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"Lil Wayne is the best rapper ever to live. Better than Tupac, better than Biggie. He's the best rapper to ever come on earth. All around. Wayne is better lyrically than Eminem. He's better lyrically than Jay Z…At the end of the day, Lil Wayne is the best, most electrifying artist maybe ever. I don't know. He's up there with Michael Jackson. Even over hip-hop, rock, country, and DJs and shit like that -- Wayne is up there with the Beatles and, you know, Elvis and no one can tell me different. And if anybody disagrees…I don't know. Wayne. He has a million plus dollars in his mouth. He doesn't have real teeth…People just gotta wake up. He doesn't have real teeth. People need to wake up and give this man his props. He has a million dollars in his mouth and people just walk by him like he's normal. You know what I mean?

Wayne's always been all around…I think Wayne's given us more than enough. I think the kids need to do themselves a favor and justice and go -- pay attention -- take some history classes on Lil Wayne. Go buy his music. Go really search and try to figure out…I appreciate him so much. I think Wayne is perfect. I really feel that way in my heart. I really just pray for him. I want to work on more music with him and just help out in whatever way I can." - BASEDGOG :whew:


Check that interview :hhh:
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