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Let's not act surprised

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It had to happen eventually he had to fall off. There's no way you can go that hard for 8 years and keep dropping quality albums. I mean it's just proven with theraflu. We should just take a few days and remisice about the past then find another artist to worship. It just hurts so bad :cryfam:

my reasons for thinking he fell off:

-Leading up to MBDTF those "hype" songs to build up anticipation were actually high quality songs, why couldn't he do the same for WTT and now the GOOD album

-There are rumors that this is the single off his solo album, if thats what it is then I rest my case, take a look at the singles he had before his other solos, they all kick the shit out of theraflu

-I think he isn't hanging around the right musicians...i mean he had LMFAO in the studio with him, he keeps talking about skrillex, hit-boy isn't exactly the greatest producer and it seems he's being handed the reigns more and more

-His rapping isn't exactly the greatest anymore, it's nothing compared to the shit he dropped pre-MBDTF and how he spit on the good fridays....I mean theraflu had hard verses but some of his lines are shit that post 2008 wayne would say

-He's overworking himself, he hasn't stopped since MBDTF, he needs to take a break and focus on what he's passionate about (womens clothing I guess) then get back in the studio once he has inspiration. He needs to stop thinking he's superman and stop trying to drop 234230947123049172308471293847102394 albums and 102938401928312 songs over the course of 2 years. Just chill the fuck out for a minute ye, do some stupid shit, then get back in the studio and drop another classic.

and one more thing, you ****** have blinders on so try to comprehend what im saying. YOU CAN HAVE HIGH QUALITY HYPE SONGS AND THIS IS NOT FUCKING IT. ALL his other albums had HUGE singles before they dropped AND they were high quality....why the fuck would he drop something that he thinks is sub-par? in kanyes eyes this song is amazing and that fucking scares me
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It's a Khaled track. When we hear songs off Kanye's new album we'll talk about whether he's fallen off or not.
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Who in your avy doe.
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