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Lesson 1: Mind Over Matter

Righteous kung fu is a very interesting concept to me. Not only is it pop-culture friendly but it speaks to something deeper. In a world where many different techniques are used to attack and, respectively, to defend a kung fu that is righteous will always prevail even in defeat. An oxymoron I am aware but somehow it seems to me to be true. I am sure this slight infatuation with RKF stems from my immersion in the martial arts since I was about 2 or 3 years of age until now, in various frequencies of activity throughout my lifespan thus far, but it also comes from my religious background as well. In my years being in the music industry I have seen a lot of injustice, outwardly inflicted and self-inflicted, all in the name of success. I think my perspective on life keeps me grounded but then again I'm on the inside looking in. Ignorant to the extent of my own injustices. One thing I have learned through my experience is the importance of mind over matter. To me, a person intrigued with the chaotic theory of self-similarity, every situation or experience in life is reflected in something else somewhere and in some time. Now maybe not identical in physics but certain aspects of things and events do mimic others precisely. For instance I've noticed businesses,no matter what the product or the bottom-line is, use almost identical tactics to get to the same goal. Whether its Pro-wrestling or a Lemonade stand there are inherent tried and true methods that can and are applied to acheive a common end, success. Within these systems are the same potentials for good and evil as in any other system when the goal is success especially if its financial success. Now I'm not knocking the structure of buisnesses today or capitalism itself merely just pointing out the base similitudes between businesses. Being a buisness owner myself I understand why some of these methods were put in place by my "fore-fathers" for lack of a better term. Some practices are for protection of interests from the assaults of other hostile businesses while others are for rapid turnaround of investments.

Where the technique of mind over matter comes into play is that these practices, good or bad (strictly based on consequence of the action) don't just exist outside of the body acting as external weaponary that can be exchanged periodically for another type or be put down all together but these are internal practices that permeate the mind, body and soul much like hand-to-hand combat. These techniques are ingested and used on a daily basis to attack or defend. They become apart of your being and that is where the danger lurks. Because they are a part of you they become prevalent in your daily come & go's the same mindstate that tries to reduce third-quarter expenditures is the same one that calculates the worthiness of a homeless man for charity. Mind over matter is a technique that can be used to separate these ideals from reality and how and when to use them properly. To do this I use my moral base that determines to me what is right and wrong A.K.A. my conceious to guide my decisions, inter-office and at home, home being the rest of the world outside the office. I also try and stay focused on my last day on Earth a technique practiced in the Japanese Bushido code because the events on that day will be my last tests from the Man upstairs and since the coming of that day is uknown it becomes everday until. And I would certainly like to leave on a good note that day with Him. Making the welfare of the mind of utmost importance to me will lead to a trickle down effect through the body and soul which aint half-bad. I dont think the concept of mind over matter is unwaveringly dedicated to gaining complete independence from wordly goods and trivialities but on another tier just as humbling is it can be instituted to place these goods and distractions in their proper prespective to acheive a much more meaningful success.

Who remembers Lu's Rightous Kung Fu Blog back in '05?

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