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Right, this might be an obvious question... But why do we not post links for leaks here??? I mean everytime a new leak is out, everyone downloads it anyway, it's just more of a hassle that we have to go to google and track it down instead of someone just posting it on here when they find it... If people don't want to listen to leaks, then don't download them! But I don't get it when a forum that's about Kanye and his music that doesnt post his music! If were doing this because Kanye has fired up about the Robocop and All The Lights leaks then... Well Kanye fires up about A LOT of things... Why don't we just enjoy the music instead of trying to impress Kanye!!!
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Yes I understand this is 'Number 1 Fan Site' but I'm going to say bluntly and it may  hurt... Kanye doesn't give a shit... All I'm saying is post the links anyway cuz people are just going to google and find them anyway... Cut the rules, this ain't a social club, post the links so I dont have to waste my time googling them and waste the forums time posting crap like this...
Haha who are you Don C? I was a member of Klive and now this dude, I don't need to write posts on a forum to make me a kanye fan! Any fan buys the music anyway, like you should... But it doesn't hurt to creep the music before it's out... Especially if their unfinished, it's helps everyone check the progression that he goes through when he makes the tracks!!!

1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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