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I made three albums of increasing-quality in the early 2010s. I have been working on LP4 since 2013 and lately feel the music of those three albums have been aging well.

Laptop Rap [1] is the rawest of the bunch and of the lowest fidelity. Recorded on my laptop’s microphone with very little post-mixing, it nonetheless is a mix of very sincere and inspired rap.

Laptop Rap 2 was recorded on the same microphone, but with every syllable individually-mastered for sonic clarity. This project is much stronger and features songs which sometimes enter into psychedelic lyricism, but mostly channel an alternative, underground rap-vibe.

Laptop Rap 3 is verifiably psychedelic rap from start to finish. Recorded on an “actual” microphone (Blue Yeti) and somewhat-properly mixed and mastered, Laptop Rap 3 climbs extremely ambitious heights and ends with a 17 minute~ song suite of six continuous songs. Before reaching that peak, you hear the best I can muster over 9 other tracks with a truly eclectic mix of instrumentation and topicality.

You can stream and download everything for free, on an ActivityPub-hosted site or Mastodon.

Thank you for this opportunity —
— I have out-of-this-world intentions for my 4th album, to release in 2024.
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