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Does anybody have a link to the LA Times article Kanye is talking about in his tweets? Haven't read it yet and I'm trying to figure out why he's so mad haha
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To be honest, i'm really disappointed with Kanye at this one... whatever happened to working on being the nice guy?
It's so stupid when you say that because of a simple mistake of forgetting the album title [which i have fumbled at times], the L.A. times loses credibility? YO SHUT THE FUCK!
haha he deleted the tweets!
hmm strange, i don't see it...

regardless. at times i can't help to agree with a lot of the bullshit Kanye gets
Infamous703 said:
I bet everyone in his circle smiles and everything Kanye does and never tell him wrong.
great point.

I've always thought Don C was a bad influence. I've met dude a few times and he's by far one of the biggest assholes ever. He makes Kanye sociably acceptable
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AnnaJ said:
Shrugs. The article is still written in an annoying tone if you ask me. It takes little shots here and there that I don't think are necessary or add anything to it.
but that equates to you bashing the whole publication company? or even enough to go on Twitter and go apeshit?
okay, fair...  but I mean... doesn't he get it by now? I mean damn.

Apparently he almost took his own life, you'd think he'd have a new perspective on how to handle things?
MrMido21 said:
nah man i've met Don C and the guy is a real gentleman! i think without him kanye woulda really lost it! the guy has the hardest job in the world fam!!
Just the vibe he puts out and how he speaks to people, not a good look. Met him a few times in L.A., wasn't rude to me, but to his surroundings. It all depends on the environment i'll admit
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