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KTT Should Have OFFICIAL "Classic" Criteria

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Like a standard set of criteria that an album/mixtape or song should have to meet before being called "classic" that way people will STFU and can adhere to the criteria instead of bias opinions. Like "has to be _______ years old" and there could be different rules for different genres, formats, etc

Seems like a lot of work lol but what do y'all think? :kanyeshrug:
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MySpace said:
No one would use it though :(
If it was stickied to the music section you could just refer to that for all arguments. Idk I think it would stick after awhile.
MySpace said:
I think it would be great if it worked, i just dont think it would :seanshrug:
Yeah lol you would still have the occasional person who calls shit a classic but who knows.
Lord F said:
Great feedback, very intelligent and well written, thanks :)
1 - 4 of 36 Posts
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