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KillaKyro said:
"...you're either simpin', or you're pimpin'."

Some back story since y'all asking:
- I took an elective called Sociology of Families when I did my undergrad so I have tons of relationship knowledge floating around in my head
- I'm a very good looking individual who works out and therefore I've been in many relationships and have also befriended many girls who also told me their stories. I was even the only guy in an all girl clique back in uni.
- I've had a lot of OGs spit game to me about this stuff
- No, im not 12yo but Im in my early 20s.
- Yes, i've had my heart broken and its been years and I still haven't fully gotten over it.

Some of the things here are very sexist, and justifiably so. Why? We live in a sexist world. How often do girls approach guys on the street? Pay for dinner on the first date? Buy you a drink in the club?

lemme run some game for you all real quick:

1. Women are emotionally stronger than men, and are therefore able to fall in and out of love quicker.
When it comes to break-ups, they will receive tons of support and distractions from her friends/options in the friendzone which will ultimately make her forget about you a lot sooner. For males it takes longer to get over a relationship due to how men usually invest more into the relationship financially, and emotionally.

2. Women will always have options, even in a relationship.
A decent looking woman will always be approached by guys wherever she goes.

3. Men are required to run game.
Women rarely approach guys, so be confident and comfortable with yourself. Presentation is key, but that doesn't mean you don't have a shot if you're fat, shy or dress bad. Know your lane and exploit it. If you're usually shy then poke fun at yourself as ice breakers, ex. "normally I'm a real shy dude but I had to say something when i saw you"

4. Women are people too, and they have their own fantasies too (i.e. trains, swallowing, BBC, etc).
Don't be mad at her history, and don't be mad at her finding another guy attractive or flirting with other dudes. Chances are you are probably just as bad.

5. When you break up with a girl, 9/10 times she will move on with someone you know (the 'hes just a friend' or the 'hes like a brother to me').
Be aware of the dudes in your girl's friend zone, exes, or dudes she sees regularly at work and what not, because many of them are scheming for your downfall.

6. When you break up with a guy, 9/10 times he will move on with a completely new person.
Our pride is everything to us, and we typically like to start fresh when things go bad to forget what happened.

7. The more attractive the woman, the longer the line to fuck, and the longer it takes for a reply.
Don't be mad, that's just basic economic theory. Don't be discouraged either, perseverance pays.

8. Women are attracted to success, be a winner not a loser.
Try to be the highlight(s) of her day, and never expose weaknesses too early. By weaknesses, I am referring to personal baggage or vulnerabilities. Try to come off as a perfect individual.

9. Men are attracted to looks, loyalty and integrity.
When a girl is caught being dishonest, it is a massive turn off and any guy who hears about it will definitely not consider her GF-material. If he continues to talk to her despite knowing this, hes only trying to smash.

10. When a woman cheats, it is because the other dude has got something you which lack.
Could be emotional, physical, monetary, etc. Which means there is a strong chance for her to have feelings for the person she cheated with.

11. When a guy cheats, there's rarely any emotion involved, and usually just for sport.
It is hardly ever personal or spiteful.

12. Both men and women inevitably go through a 'thot phase' (i.e. every saint has a past, and every sinner has a future).
Therefore, labelling each other thots, hoes or sluts is pretty redundant. The only people who aren't hoes are the ones who spend all their evenings studying to become doctors, lawyers, accountants, etc, but they too will eventually want to experiment.

13. The love of your life is or was a hoe to someone else.
Cole world, no blanket, son.

14. The honey moon stage does not last, and neither do relationships.
When the girl or guy becomes a fatter and more demanding version of the person you liked, its time to curve.

15. If you are looking through your woman's/man's cellphone, you will find what you are looking for.
There is a reason why you doubt your partner's loyalty to begin with. Trust your intuition.

16. Cellphones and social media have destroyed the prospects of relationships in this generation.
Sad reality, but it is critical be aware of these things and do not underestimate them. However, use it to your advantage to hide side tings.

17. Expect cheating, whether emotional or physical.
Ask yourself would you trust your partner in a room with Kim Kardashian/Trey Songz for one day/night? We're all human. You'd be a fool to fully trust your partner.

18. Hoes make the best housewives/hubbies.
There comes a time when people are tired of fucking around and getting knocked up and they will want to settle and retire that pussy. Unfortunately, that is usually around 30.

19. You cannot be friends with exes without drama.
Cut them off, and make sure your partner cuts them off too. Even if they don't cause drama directly, it will indirectly be a bad look to whoever you're currently talking to and force them to have reservations about you and even become insecure if things become serious.

20. When you talk to a girl, you are talking to all of her friends.
*Screenshot*. However, if you can win over her friends approval, you will win over the girl herself. Always pay attention to what you're saying in messages.

21. She ain't putting up that new IG selfie/thirst trap for just you (even if you are the bf), and neither are you.
Both of you love the attention from third party of the opposite sex. Even if you are cuffed.

22. If you're a guy that wants to end a relationship, think it through carefully and be confident in your decision because she there's a very high chance she will move onto the next guy sooner than you would expect.
Girls will rarely fight for you if they have comparable options. Many of them will use this break-up as a window to fuck around before they try to fix things up with you and use the excuse "well I was single,".

23. You both have people you don't want your partner to know about on social media (snapchat/FB/twitter/etc).
Keep your social media as clean as possible.

24. Everyone lies. and a lot more than you wish to believe.
No she's not a virgin, and shes probably fucked a lot more guys than she'll tell you and done a lot of things she's not too proud of sharing. And yes hes used that line before on other girls hes spoken to as well.

25. A good relationship is great and can be empowering (from the increase in confidence through emotional support, and whatnot), but it provides a false sense of security that can be taken away from you at any moment, at the discretion of your partner.
Invest in yourself and secure yourself so no one can break you.

26. Always be independent, never rely on your partner for anything because a relationship can end whenever, and unexpectedly.
Always keep a clean act (i.e. stay out of debt), and always chase your personal goals. Be selfish without being selfish.

27. A break-up is not the end of the world, you will find someone else, and you will have a better understanding of what you want from someone and a relationship.

28. If you love yourself, you will never feel alone.
*Cue big sean/kanye/john legend*. Take care of yourself (hygiene, work out, dress well, etc), chase your goals, do what makes you happy.

29. Just because there's a goalie, doesn't mean you cant score.
Everyone is always looking for something better. Convince that person you are better.

30. Cheating is when you do something with a third party that will hurt your partner (whether flirting, chilling, touching, fucking, etc)
Everyone has their own definition of cheating, so learn what your partner's is. Otherwise, you'll be in for a bad time.

31. People these days have a tendency set up an exit strategy before breaking up.
Look for cues (i.e. a new friend of opposite sex that your partner has shown unusual interest for), changes in attitude and behavior towards the relationship, inconsistencies in alibis, etc. Plan and prepare accordingly.

32. Always trust your intuition/gut feeling.
It will always guide you towards what's right.

33. Long distance relationships never work out.
Intimacy is an important factor in relationships. When it is not present, you guys are just friends, and that person will look for intimacy elsewhere.

34. No one is out of your league.
Don't underestimate yourself. Study and strategize accordingly.

35. A 'girls night out' means they will be talking about you, the side dude/hoe and your potential replacement candidates.
Why else do you think you're not invited?

36. A guy's night out does not mean he's cheating.
He's just doing guy things with the homies that may be out of character for you.

37. Your girlfriend's single friends are your worst enemy.
She will low-key negatively influence your girlfriend behind your back, usually out of jealousy, and will encourage her to do things that may jeopardize the relationship.

38. If you're a guy and you just broke up with your girl, don't expect any support.
People will expect you to 'man up' and 'get over her' because you'll 'find someone else', meanwhile, your ex will have tons of people trying to tell you how much of a terrible boyfriend you were, even if it is not true at all.

39. Exes talk shit.
Your exes will try to talk shit about you when you break up only to gratify their hurt ego. Don't take it personal, most of it is fabrication or exaggeration anyways. More importantly, its irrelevant now.

40. You don't owe these hoes shit.
Don't give girls excessive attention. Don't go out of your way for them in hopes of winning them over by spoiling them. These days women are put on a pedestal by betas, so don't feed their inflated egos. The only thing they have to offer you is their leftover pussy. Stay focused on your goals because at the end of the day that's more attractive to them.

41. Pussy is a vice.
Just like any other substance, it is only good in moderation. Don't lose yourself to chasing hoes all day and everyday.

42. If you cheat, take that secret to the grave.
Don't ever tell your partner if you've cheated, no matter how bad your guilty conscious is. Relationships are built upon trust, and when that trust is gone, so is the balance in the relationship. Your partner will never trust you again, and it will significantly change the dynamic of your relationship for the worse.

43. Always keep a clean act. Destroy all evidence of cheating.
Have a side ting named Tyra? Well she's now saved as Mike T. Jennifer? Mike J. Delete all conversations as well.

44. You attract people who are similar to you.
Goes without saying but if you want a certain girl/guy, you better do your research.

45. Many (single) girls are regularly smashing multiple guys at once, and if she's on birth control, most likely raw as well.
That means you better wear a rubber, and never eat pussy unless its your girlfriend who you know is fresh in love with you. Same goes for girls, never go down on a guy unless you know you can trust him.

46. The place you meet your partner matters.
Everything in life is contextual. You can meet a doctor or a lawyer in a club, but the fact you met in a club will change the context of everything. Club trash is club trash. Context determines how the other person is attractive to you. At work it could be their working habits, sense of responsibility, etc, and from a club its purely looks.

47. She is not going to the club to 'just dance with the girls'.
Let's be real.

48. Timing is critical.
Some girls will be easy, some will be long-term projects. Always be equipped with 'Good morning beautiful's and 'Good night and sleep well's. Gauge the timing between messages accordingly. Take longer to reply to the long-term projects, and shorter for the girls that reply right away.

49. There is such thing as too much. Too much attention, too much spoiling, too much pampering, etc.
Basic economic theory: the more you consume of something the less you appreciate it. See more below.

50. Always maintain your composure.
If she got a man/men or tells you to back off, be nice, and play the friend for a while. Don't be discouraged, don't feel insulted, and don't abort mission. With perseverance you'll eventually become someone meaningful to her, and when they break up she'll come to you for support.

51. Love is a concept that is contingent upon certain circumstances.
It only exists when both parties are putting in the effort. When one side stops, everything goes down hill. If you love a girl and she clearly doesn't put in effort, you're simpin'.

52. Wise man once said: 'If you don't know the password to her phone, then you're the side nigga.'
If the trust and faith is real in a relationship, what's there to hide? At the same time, if your partner trusts you, he or she would not look through your phone out of respect.

52. Guys talk too.
Guys go back and tell their homies almost everything, and usually with exaggeration. So, be careful of who you're messing with because reputation is everything at the end of the day.

53. Diminishing marginal returns is a real thing in relationships.
Basic economics. The more you consume of something the less you will value it. The more you pamper your partner, the less he or she will value it over time. Think of it like this, we love our mothers the most in our lives, but how often do we appreciate what they do for us versus a stranger doing something for you. You can be the most perfect gentleman but eventually, she will get bored of you, vice versa is true too. This is why relationships don't last.

54. The friend zone is commonly a waiting room for people to wait you to finish your turn.
Not always the case, but be sure of who your man or girl has as friends and try to identify what their true motives are, how they met, what kind of relationship they hold, etc without trying to come off crazy. Preferably do this without asking him because it will raise suspicions.

55. Wise man once said: "If she never fucked a black dick, she will."
We all have our fantasies and one way or another they will inevitably be fulfilled in the future. Curiosity always gets the best of us.

That's everything i can think of from the top of my head. Don't be a simp and build yourself a roster of hoes like me :)

will continue to update.
321 - 326 of 326 Posts