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KTT Beamin' Remix

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With the success of the Go To Sleep remix, I thought I'd start out on this. Now I have little to no spittin' skills, I just don't have the voice for it. But I'd be willing to donate a verse I wrote which goes over top of the instrumental perfectly for verse 1.

As I fly high, past the spires of my peers
The atmosphere cant stop me
Not a slug to my ear
Or even through my eye
Cause it’s the sky, that stimulates my kind
Gives vision to my mind, provides me with the sight
No my iris doesn’t mind that he’s useless on this flight, yeah
They’re lookin’ up, but me, I’m passin’ by
All eyes towards the sky, well, all eyes but I
Cause if mine look down, the ground will come up high
You see I don’t want to die before my words reach their sight
Until my message hits their eyes, so they can’t forget my climb
Nope, not like Miley, no this one’s of the mind, you see it’s all about the reach
But I won’t preach, no, just check the rhyme, but I’m running out of time
So I hope my lines teach, this ain’t all about the beat, that would leave me like a mime
And without words I would just fall from the sky 

PS kudos to anyone who can spot the double meaning towards the beginning

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I'm down for a verse. Someone has to lay the acapella over the instrumental mix it tho.
I got a verse for this song recorded if yall wanna throw me on this.
i'll post here soon :work:
Coldplay Expert said:
is that a good mindfuck or a bad one? lol
Coldplay Expert said:
Mind = blown.
Thanks guys :D and I'm an aspiring rapper, but it's also fun :parrot:
Coldplay Expert said:
:D  It's a good thing, man.  Good work!!
Kale07 said:
that shit was good  your an aspiring rapper or you just did it for fun?
I also have no mic, I used my phone and had someone mix the track together, lol whatever I can do to rap I'll do it because I love music. Hopping in the studio soon tho for my mixtape, and buying a mic, ya'll will hear more of me soon.
Kale07 said:
I wanna do a verse but I've never written a rap before lol and no mic
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