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Korean track appearance (radio rip)

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okay so my asian friend links to me this supposedly new JYJ (popular korean pop band) song with ye featured on it, the verse isn't familiar to me at all so it could be new?

its radio rip and kanye just has the intro of the song
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Def new. You know how I can tell?
Well because Ye says Huh and he sings in it like in Runaway.
Oh song not bad too.
this band is going to debut their first album since the band changed/lost a memeber, this track will be on it
does anybody got a download link?
Ye's verse is nasty. idk though his verse dusnt relaly flow into the their chorus
Posted a few days ago
And I posted a High Quality version of this song

ok so ye actually produced the track too! :wom:
does anybody got the lyrics to that song?
Super old news
He did? Damn. I guess Ye is also producing other kind of tracks now. I'm not surprised though.
TGI Fresh said:
PhillyCustoms said:
^320kbps for the win
this song sucks..
someone should a make version that goes up to Kanye's verse, and after that just play the instrumental...cuz the beat is dope.
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