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Is the relationship between reality star Kim Kardashian and Kanye West a marketing move or something real? Typically the Wall Street Journal wouldn't be concerned about the intimate personal lives of celebrities or Kardashians, but when the line between dating and marketing gets blurred we get interested.

Music mogul Russell Simmons, who knows both Kim and Kanye (he basically knows everybody in entertainment) for some reason decided to weigh in on the relationship in an online essay that seemed totally unnecessary and that we wished he had written for our site. So is it love or salesmanship? "No scripture, no prophet, no religious or spiritual practice will ever say that money will make you happy (calm the noise). It took me thirty years of being in the public spotlight to get to where I am today in my understanding of this," Simmons writes. Wait, so it's not about dollars?

Excerpts from Simmons's essay:

-"I know Kim and Kanye. They are both hopeful people, but cautious. Everything they do is under the microscope. Every public move they make is dissected."

-"Both Kanye and Kim have met many people throughout their lives. Most people who date Kim Kardashian or Kanye West become instantly famous. We know that if Kim and Kanye are dating, they may become more famous, but they won't make each other famous. They won't make each other rich. Kim who is still making so much money being Kim, is not looking at Kanye's money as a reason to date him…so we know Kanye aint' saying she's a gold-digger! They are both on a journey to quiet the noise and hopefully this is it."

-"I hope that they can each find peace and tranquility with each other, and if they do, all of the noise will be gone."
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