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Kid Cudi ft. Kanye West - Erase Me (Official Video)

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This video reminded me of how much I liked it at first. Like, when it first came out I had it on repeat, but then it grew old after a week of that (constantly playing) so I remember switching to All Summer after a while, but anyway, after seeing the video like this, it can be something to remember for when the song is playing on album and would make the song as fun again as when I first heard it.

Cudi Hendrix is beast
terrible, just like the song, and Cudi's attitude
Pinhead Larry said:
terrible, just like the song, and Cudi's attitude
stans gon eat you alive
well i like it cuz its making fun of the fact that its a wannabe pop rock song hhaha
BEIBER said:
stans gon eat you alive
No, that is his opinion. Just like I have mine and you have yours, but you had to be a little extreme about it.

I respect his opinion even though I highly disagree...

I don't respect anything that has to do with you because you act immature and have been very rude to people on this forum and deserve nothing but "fuck you" and "GTFO"'s from me.

worrd i dont mind when people say their opinions

but it's obvious when people are just saying shit to get a reaction >_>
Good job!

I just seen this one!

Yours wins though.
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Kinda liked it . Its just the song is boring to me
Kid Cudi is this generation's Jimi Hendrix! I loved the video.
sweet video hopefully we get second single news real soon we need something
81 - 100 of 149 Posts
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