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Kid Cudi ft. Kanye West - Erase Me (Official Video)

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RICE said:
Oh, is that the fattie who played the guitar?
That guy on guitar was Tom Chaplin, the frontman of Keane
alessanbro said:
That guy on guitar was Tom Chaplin, the frontman of Keane
no it wasn't, its the guy from hot tub time machine
Lovin the video wooo

Im happy this came out good and wasnt a dissapointment or something. Lets spread the love for Cudi, post it on your Twitter,Facebook, Myspace etcc!!
Honestly I expected something different,doesn't fit the lyrics perfectly,although the vid is good + fun :) . <3 the start too reminds me of the way old kanye's vids were made like gold digger 
zenith92 said:
The video actually makes me like the song more. Dope vid. :)
:facepalm: For me not liking this song when I first heard it. So happy this song grew on me and quick
hated this song but the videos brings it out it was funny
Man Kid Cudi with that wig on looked like Elvis Andrus the Texas Rangers shortstop.
"Lemme ask you a question. Have you ever had sex... with me?"
Megan Fox said:
I love this! I sing this in the shower a lot
I love you.
Ye was dope
61 - 80 of 149 Posts
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