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Kelly Rowland likes Lupe's lollipop *Weezy Voice*

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Thank you @LupeFiasco for my lollipop!!!!!! I love it!!!! pic.twitter.com/OdVeFUjB


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L for lupe fiasco... type in "kelly rowland illuminati", even if you dont believe in the illuminati, you should see what they say about her.

Also she dosnt really carry her self in a good way
also, lupe shook hands  with racheal maddow. hes lost it im afraid :(
CT said:
How old are you?
a academicly dumb 14 year old, your point, it dosnt mean anything.

You can focus on the message or the messenger.. that will be my last illuminati post.
CT said:
this response :bitchgtfo:

It's a good thing you're going through this paranoid retarded phase at a young age, though. Leaves you more years to grow and mature out of this and into new things.
  maybe i can grow to be as cool and kickass as you one day :oblivious:
CT said:
I went through the same phase you went through. Im also aware that nobody will be able to convince you. You're going to go through a lot of phases that you feel strongly about, but you're going to keep changing and learning from your past mistakes. :work:
  let compromise, you can agree with this okay, shes an artist, who dresses like a cat (like many other pop artists, notice the trend), who  all her songs are about love and materialism ,nothing thought provoking, just naive

Its one of those industry made fads that everyone falls for, They put the role model on the table and everyone mimics it
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CT said:
Thats not even what I was talking about
the original thing is basicly i said, lupes lost it for associating with people who arnt the best role models.

You asked my age i gave you an answer

you responded with basicly calling me a cute lil rebelious teen ager/

i gave you proof that this kelly rowland person isnt the best role model, and that lupe shouldnt be accoiciating himself with those kind of people. it has to do with opost.

Type in kelly rowland illuminat, dont have to believe in the illuminati but there is something unsettling with all these starts that get overnight fame. not sure if kelly is one, but from what i read she is.

Why did i get started here?
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CT said:
kay. :)
JCM99 said:
i went through a (much lighter) version of this phase too. that illuminati shit is overwhelming when you first encounter it after leading your life believing things one way. i still somewhat believe it, but i'm not as scared/worried anymore.

also, dude you can't expect lupe to just hole himself up and isolate from society. even if these other artists are in fact puppets for a higher power, Lupe being kind to them doesn't mean he's a lost soul. at the very least i'd have to mention a basic aspect of christianity (and i assum islam as well): God instructs his follwers to love their enemy. or in other words, be kind to everyone. you expect Lupe to land in Australia with these other big artists, go Lupe the Jedi on them and kill them all in the name of truth and justice?
nah man im just hear to see people reactions, im not worried about it to much.

i feel like my name leaves people to think im supper fundamentalist conservative. my mistake, i make alot, just part of me being real everywhere, mabey not,

But lupe should do something to appear crazy to normies so those conspiracy theorists who spam his wall and me can be comfortable.
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Himanshu said:
Lupe isn't a young kid to care who he hangs with. He can associate with Hugh Hefner for all I care about
im just saying. Accoiation is a powerful thing.seeing how you brought the metaphor of children into this, i will to. Now lets be honest in your school, they have a group of "losers" like me right? and they have "popular kids" who do different things, and "normal people" who have a "normal" mind set for your region. right

what if that translate to the music industry?
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Himanshu said:
I don't go to school.
when you did go to school
cheese said:
Only inshaAllah could ruin a beautiful thread like this. :fly:
my job, and you spelled my name wrong..
lupe needs to back to being the social outcast we all know and loved. It hurts me soul tbh that hes expanding.
Cliché Guevara said:
the man who call Obama out for bombing Gaza strip. Shakes hands with the women who said "israel is surrounded by people who dont recognize its right to exist" kind of hypocritical tbh.

I want to see him go up on stage and beat the crap out of these puppets. but thats not happening i guess
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we need to spam his twitter and fan sighting questioning these actions, also why hes being  so hypocritical tbh
94 said:
Or you could just stop being a ******
dr dr please the fame aint painless enough, thats cuz you aint famous enough but some change in my cup, said i wasnt poor, gave me some more....
94 said:
Incorrect lyrics


i really dont see why everyone is getting so offended about some internet posts geez.
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