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aeonlinux said:
Ok, instead of sending individual suggestions to Busy, we should do a Top 10 (or 15?). Then, we will only link Busy to this thread. Thanks to Versa for the idea.

So, how should we pick the top 10 (15?) illest beats? Well, we'll vote. Here's how it works: You reply to this thread with the beat(s) you think will fit Lupe. Then the most liked, or replied beats will be put in the list right here in the OP.

The reason to do this is, if we choose a KTT top 10, it will be easier to have a balance between dope beats, classic beats, and newer ones as opposed to Busy getting bombarded with e-mails from people in twitter wanting to hear Lupe on every crappy radio beat. Besides, it would make FOTP like a personal gift to the KTT/Klive fam who made it possible.

[list type=decimal]
[*]Top 10 FOTP Beats
[*]2. Shook Ones Part II - Mobb Deep
[*]3. Lights Please - J. Cole
[*]4. Mathematics - Mos Def
[*]5. Session 1 - Eminem
[*]6. 93 'Til Infinity - Souls of Mischief
[*]7.Blow Up - J. Cole
[*]8.Exhibit C - Jay Electronica
[*]9. Power - Kanye West
[*]10. Hard in Da Paint - Wacka Flocka

If you posted beats on the other threads, put them in here again, this time we will all choose the beats that should make the list.
It might have been my idea, but your boss-like formula has achieved Super Saiyan 3 levels...

I love J.Cole, but ya'll really think Lights Please beat is that serious? Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...

For the record, I just want to say that, looking at the early list, ya'll are buggin' not wanting to hear him spit over one of the beats Drake used.  Thank Me Later was an album full of sick beats.  Imagine what would happen if an MC on Lupe's level actually goes in on them? COME ON!  Ya'll don't remember what happened when he decided to mess around over the Say Somethin' beat?  Oh yeah, we should suggest for Lupe to call his Exhibit C "Exhibit L" for LASERRRRRSSSSSSSSSSSSSS....











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Versa, I changed to a top 20, because since its a mixtape, we all know Lupe ain't going in over ALL of them. So this will give him more room to choose from.

And most of the tracks you want are already in the list, except Whip My Hair, Michael Knight, No Hand, and Black and Yellow.  :salute:

wiz0_0 said:
So are we all going to e-mail the same list at the same time?

I think we should
I will e-mail it to him to both e-mails at the same time. Also, people from twitter should tweet him, and link him to this thread in case he doesn't get it.

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Kale I can understand your saltiness, but this idea is pretty sweet in that this increases the changes of Lupe actually picking some of the beats we want TENFOLD.  If I were I'd participate, but do your solo email thing if you want it's all love.

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I'm That ***** - B.o.B.
All I Want Is You - Miguel
Enforce The Law - Nottz
Overcome - Pac Div
Maybach Music III - Rick Ross
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