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Ok, instead of sending individual suggestions to Busy, we should do a Top 20 (or 25?). Then, we will only link Busy to this thread. Thanks to Versa for the idea.

So, how should we pick the top 20 (25?) illest beats? Well, we'll vote. Here's how it works: You reply to this thread with the beat(s) you think will fit Lupe. Then the most liked, or replied beats will be put in the list right here in the OP.

The reason to do this is, if we choose a KTT top 20, it will be easier to have a balance between dope beats, classic beats, and newer ones as opposed to Busy getting bombarded with e-mails from people in twitter wanting to hear Lupe on every crappy radio beat. Besides, it would make FOTP like a personal gift to the KTT/Klive fam who made it possible.

[list type=decimal]
[*]Top 20 FOTP Beats

[*]1. The People - Common
[*]2. Good Morning - Kanye West
[*]3. Rose Garden - Shad
[*]4. Exhibit C - Jay Electronica
[*]5. Simply Amazin' - Blu
[*]6. Blow Up - J. Cole
[*]7. Ballad of the Black Gold - Reflection Eternal
[*]8. Nas is Like - Nas
[*]9. Heart Of The City - Jay-Z
[*]10. Light Up - Drake
[*]11. 93 'Til Infinity - Souls of Mischief
[*]12. Shook Ones Part II - Mobb Deep
[*]13. Lights Please - J. Cole
[*]14. Mathematics - Mos Def
[*]15. Black And Yellow - Wiz Khalifa
[*]16. Power - Kanye West
[*]17. This Plane - Wiz Khalifa
[*]18. Airplanes - B.o.B.
  • 19. Go DJ - Lil' Wayne
  • 20. Pursuit of Happiness - Kid Cudi

If you posted beats on the other threads, put them in here again, this time we will all choose the beats that should make the list.[/list]
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shook ones part 2
blow up
drop the world
nas is like (lu is like :smug: )
another weezy song :problem?:
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Versa said:
So we're all fine wiht Lupe not spittin over a hard ass go hard beat? I don't even know what to say.

I'll co-sign for the sake of the squad, but ya'll is kinda trippin.  Simply Amazin' and Lights Please' beat are cool, but I'd much rather hear Hard In Da Paint or something aggressive and mean.  There's a lack of that type of feel like I was saying.
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If lupe went over any beat on "below the heavens"


Minus "juicen dranks"
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A list my friend wanted me to post:

"Best Rapper Alive Pt 2-Lil Wayne
Run This Town
Forever - Drake
Cinderella Man-Eminem
Love The Way you lie
Monster- Kanye
Playin With Fire-Lil Wayne
This one's a stretch but i cud def see him doing something to teenage dream.
Just To Get By- Talib Kweli (That one would be amazing)
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I wasn't creeping on Coldplay's youtube account.... :ninja:
aBeaminLaser said:
Drake Forever or Chris Breezy Forever? Lupe was on Chris Brown's remix for Forever already.
he meant Drake's

i'll edit
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"No hands"

hands down

see what I did there? :problem?:
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