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Are we ever gonna get one? If so is it gonna have the same perks as the full site? Is it disrespectful to change the design of the mobile site?
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this website is literally never getting a meaningful update ever again

it was obvious a few years ago but now it's pretty much a guarantee
btothe said:
real creative :jordanlaff:
was probably a default mobile theme that SMF offered with the forum software

Which in a way is almost even more heinous of S. He couldn't at least pretend to have done something by switching the theme? I'm sure there's plenty out there that look more modern than this shit. In fact, there definitely is
jaylo said:
it was open to like100 people for testing !!
screenshot above you shows him following over 250 people
Ghandi said:
So do any. Of the owners care about this site anymore
absolutely not

They didn't care 4 years ago either, maybe longer
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