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Kanyetothe Mobile App

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Are we ever gonna get one? If so is it gonna have the same perks as the full site? Is it disrespectful to change the design of the mobile site?
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StayAwayFromTHEY said:
S went off to make lowkey (modern-day KTT clone)

shared some screenshots of an Android app

but then I think that project failed or something
its not even out yet dumbass
Bonesv2 said:
this is the only way I browse KTT :what:

Why do you think I haven’t been able to upload an avi for over 3 years now :what:
just go to full site for like 3 minutes i only browse ktt on mobile too :what:
StayAwayFromTHEY said:
you give me hope dumbass
:what: its in closed beta or whatever the nerd term is
lowkey isn't even out yet u guys are so dumb
it was open to like100 people for testing !!
Jason said:
screenshot above you shows him following over 250 people
1 - 6 of 138 Posts