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Are we ever gonna get one? If so is it gonna have the same perks as the full site? Is it disrespectful to change the design of the mobile site?
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vesuv said:
they sent a beta to plus users a while back. works great
yup. Shoutout narty & scott
TScott said:
U kidding? I fuck with the mobile site so hard. It鈥檚 one of the main reasons I think I stayed here for so long. It鈥檚 simple, no bullshit. Back in the day when other sites tried to get users here to switch, they tried way too hard on their mobile sites. They were clunky as fuck
Agree. I love mobile ktt besides the fact that you arent able to do a bunch of things to can do on a laptop/computer.
First Take said:
Mobile is trash lmao.

Looks like 2012 iPhone 3GS type shit
Can鈥檛 ignore people
Can鈥檛 report people
Can鈥檛 change avi
Can鈥檛 change name
Can鈥檛 change email
Can鈥檛 change password
Can鈥檛 follow people
Can鈥檛 post others Avis
No layout shortcuts when you make a thread like there is on desktop
Yeah this what I meant
datbul said:
Who owns/operates/profits from KTT?
scott. His username is 'S'
sachee said:
it will never come out

ktt was sold and the original creator went on to make another website
nah never sold. Was a meme to get people talking about lowkey
Skrilla said:
Once B3 pops off, S said he鈥檒l make one
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