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God said:
22 posts?


Dawg, this is my thing on KTT

****** is coppin me already.
u gon play that game bitch? ppl mockin u man?

how old r u? to first play the post count card and then to say "this is ur thing". LMFAO

1. i dont spend all day on here tryna get my post count up, i have a life. and i cant be asked to get it over from klive, i mean who cares? but course u got more posts than me so u better than me
2. u gettin taken the piss outta left right centre dawg.

pack yo bags douche

That Jesus Walks / They Are Night Zombies... remix is really awful. I'm not sure why it's all over the internet. The timing is way off, and when the bridge with John Legend auto-tuned comes in, it sounds terrible.

If someone were to make a remix album of Sufjan and Kanye songs, I would listen in a heartbeat. If anyone is interested in making one let me know; we could get it up on the front page if it's good enough. I may also be interested in contributing...
1 - 20 of 30 Posts
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